Key Figures

Third Set of Locks project - Details:

  • Dredging: 7.1 million m³
  • Excavations: 74 million m³
  • Backfills: 18 million m³
  • Concrete: 5 million m³
  • Cement: 1.6 million tons
  • Concrete steel: 290,000 tons
  • Steel used for the sluice gates and for the valves: 71,000 tons
  • Buildings (96 units): 40,000 m²


The concrete used for the Third Set of Locks project is the same as the quantity used for 450 x 20 storey buildings

  • Pacific: equal to 240 x 20 storey buildings
  • Atlantic: equal to 210 x 20 storey buildings

With the steel used to reinforce the concrete of the Third Set of Locks, one could build 25 Eiffel Towers.


The canal's length measures, with the ocean stretch and including lake Gatun, 10 km

  • 6.1 km on the Pacific side
  • 3.5 km on the Atlantic side
  • A distance equalling 100 soccer fields


The 16 sluice gates that have been built in Italy include 4,000 tons of steel. They have an average 10 meter width, measure 58 meters in length and reach 23-33 meters in height.
The sluice gates are as tall as Rio de Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer statue (Brasil).