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The Journey. The New Panama Canal

Salini Impregilo, on the occasion of the New Panama Canal inauguration, is publishing a book specifically dedicated to the Canal. The volume will narrate its history, it will speak of its international impact and of the great challenges that have been won to bring its expansion works to completion.
As the title states - “The Journey. The New Panama Canal” – the book is a journey through the Canal. It has been written using a story-telling style, and has been enriched with the declarations of politicians, journalists and world-famous writers.
By following the route of the first ship to sail across the New Canal, the book reconstructs the path that was created to build one of the largest and most complex engineering projects in the world. In doing so, it collects the impressions and declarations of the men who made all this possible.




The meeting of two oceans. The New Panama Canal

Intelligence challenges nature. The Expansion of the Panama Canal is currently the most complex and ambitious engineering work in the world.




Over the Oceans - The New Panama Canal

An overview of the construction plan and a look back at the many pioneering spirits who set out to make this canal between the Atlantic and the Pacific a reality.




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Design and Construction of the Third Set of Locks
Panama Canal Expansion Project
Grupos Unidos Por el Canal